How It Works

When you book  cabs, we will provide you with the driver’s name, mobile (cell) phone number, and the  vehicle sign-boardregistration number (license plate number). We will also give the driver your loved one’s mobile phone number, so that they can communicate and easily find each other. (If your loved one is not carrying a mobile phone, we will keep in contact with you from our central office.)

If we are picking up your loved one from an airport, we continually check the flight arrival details in order to calculate the exact arrival time. We can also pickup from a rail station, hotel, school or university, private residence, or anywhere else you designate.


We will meet your loved one at a pre-arranged location (such as the aiport’s Arrivals Hall or rail station’s meeting loading-luggagepoint) with their name clearly written on a name board.  For extra security, you can give us a “password” (which we will advise our driver of) so that your loved one or the accompanying airline attendant will be assured that the correct driver & taxi is doing the pickup.


We will then escort them to their taxi, helping with any luggage, and safely and efficiently deliver them to their seatbeltdestination.


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